Blended learning manager training (level 5)


Program Description

Develop your skills and your management skills, through a training and training course where everyone learns to dare to do differently. Blended Learning Manager Training enables you to accelerate the development of your new responsibilities and transform your managerial practice.

EDHEC Blended Learning Manager Training is aimed at professionals with proven professional experience who wish to strengthen their managerial skills.


BAC 2 and professional experience confirmed

Admission procedure:

  • Positioning Maintenance
  • Application file and motivation video
  • Admission Committee Decision

Diploma / Certification / Qualification:

Level 1 title, registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP): "Manager of Commercial Development", Level Bac 5.

The Blended Learning Manager Training is eligible for the Personal Training Account. Accessible by the VAE.

Skills and opportunities:

  • Consolidate your management skills and prepare you to access new managerial responsibilities
  • Accompany your team in performance
  • Acquire a global vision of the company and contribute to the digital transformation of the company


  • May 2019: € 16,900 excluding tax
  • November 2019: € 17,000 excluding tax

Benefits of training:

  • An innovative and stimulating learning environment, based on the exchange of experience and the diversity of participants
  • Enhanced individual support with individual and collective coaching sessions
  • Graduate level management training BAC 5: Level 1 title, RNCP (Eligible for CPF)

Program of the training :

Duration: 1 year

E-Learning: 17 modules (25 hours on average), weekly virtual classes, 2 duplex workshops

Optional Presence: Fall Seminar, Team Building

Inlet: November or May

Location: Virtual Campus

Learn to lead change projects and improve the performance of your teams.

EDHEC's management training is a diploma course focusing on business management and men's management.

The EDHEC management training equips you to learn how to build a strategy, an action plan, manage a project and create value, while respecting a legal framework. Adopt the appropriate managerial behaviors and generate economic performance, while having the support of your team and developing the human resources that you have been entrusted with.

The training modules are provided during groupings or remotely (in e-learning), depending on the course chosen.

Teaching methods:

Innovate, experiment, transform thanks to a managerial training course

The Blended Learning manager training uses a variety of resources that promote the immediate transfer of knowledge and the practical application of skills acquired throughout the course.

The program draws on EDHEC's know-how in distance learning and on educational innovations designed by EDHEC professors.

EDHEC offers a complete "E-learning proximity" system on the EDHEC virtual campus.

Last updated Feb 2019

About the School

EDHEC Online est le département de formations 100% digitales de l’EDHEC Business School, régulièrement classée dans le Top 3 des business schools françaises.

EDHEC Online est le département de formations 100% digitales de l’EDHEC Business School, régulièrement classée dans le Top 3 des business schools françaises. Read less