Business Administration Diploma Program


Program Description

Program Objectives

This program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and the skills necessary for a career in general business. The latest practical management techniques will be taught. Similarly, the art of properly analyzing and evaluating financial data, as well as financial information, will be taught on the basis of which policy decisions can be successfully made. The wide range of topics will cover many aspects of running a business including budgeting, sales, marketing, promotion, customer services, business law, raising capital, and the management of human resources.

Admissions Criteria

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Mature student

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Graduation Criteria

  • A minimum final mark of 60%
  • An overall average of 60%

Students who achieve an average of 90% or more will have an Honours designation on their diploma.

Employment Opportunities

  • Manager Administrative Services
  • Project Leader
  • Project Leader
  • Business Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Company Director
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Management Trainee
  • Office Supervisor
  • Business Ownership
  • Marketing Manager
  • Promotions Manager
  • Administrative Manager
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Marketing Sales Advertising

  • Market Segmentation and Target Marketing
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Product Strategy And Planning
  • Marketing Research Process
  • Advertising And Public Communications

Business Law

  • Employment Law
  • Working Conditions, Equity, and Privacy In The Workplace
  • Tort Law
  • Business Structure
  • Contract Law

Human Resources

  • Self Management
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Building Employer-Employee Relationships
  • Employment Standard Legislation
  • Legal Environment, Employment Standard
  • Legislation, Equity, And Human Rights

Bookkeeping and Accounting Computer Training

  • Simply Accounting
  • ACCPAC FOR windows

Computer Training

  • Windows, Internet
  • Microsoft Word – Document Processing
  • Microsoft Excel – Working with Spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Effective Presentations
  • Microsoft Access – Implementing Database
  • Microsoft Outlook – Communication/Scheduling

Graduation Employment Assistance Services

Steps for a Successful Job Search

Identify Present and Future Goals and the Differences Between Jobs and Careers.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting in Action Generally Accepted Accounting Principle Accounting Equation The recording process Record and post journal Transactions Trail Blanace purpose and limitations Taxes Types of sales taxes Recording and remittance of sales taxes Adjusting the Accounts The time period Assumption Types of adjusting entries The accrual basis of accounting Completion of The Accounting Cycle Prepare and post-closing entries Reversing and correcting entries Financial Statements Accounting for Merchandising Operations Purchases and sales of merchandise Merchandising Financial Statements Inventory Costing Two methods of estimating inventory Inventory costing Internal Control and Cash Internal control activities Operation and control of petty cash Reconciling the bank account.

Computerized Accounting Simply Accounting For Windows

  • General Journal
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounting for Purchases
  • Accounting for Payments
  • Adjusting a Posted Invoice
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Tax Remittances
  • Payroll Journal
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Discounts, Orders, and Quotes
  • Credit Cards, Foreign Currency
  • Reconciliation and Deposits
  • Payroll and Inventory Setup

QuickBooks – Small Business Accounting

  • Cash Transactions
  • General Journal Transactions
  • Set up a New Company
  • Vendor Transactions
  • Customer Transactions
  • Payroll Transactions
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Discounts, Estimates, and Orders
  • Banking, Taxes, and Credit Cards

ACCPAC For Windows

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Common Services
  • Payroll Transactions
  • Source Journal Profile
  • Year-End Procedures
  • Setting up the System Manager
  • Operating Accounts Receivable
  • Operating Accounts Payable

Job Search and Career Development

Identify and Discuss Work Related Characteristics and Personal Characteristics Identify Skills and Area of Expertise, Stressing the Importance of Technical and Soft Skills Identify and Discuss Transferable Skills.

Job Search Management

Discuss the Importance of obtaining Employer Profiles Identify Ways and Stress the Importance of Focusing on the Right Job Tap into the Hidden Job Market Discuss the Importance and Use of Networking Outline and Discuss Employer Expectations.

Resume Writing

  • Resume types – chronological and functional
  • How to Market oneself
  • Writing the resume-objective, education, experience, and overall appearance
  • How to Create Effective Cover Letters and Thank You Letters

The Interview

  • How to Prepare for the Interview
  • Various Types of Interview
  • Typical Interview Questions
  • Questions to Ask a Prospective Employer
  • Mockup interview and Feedback

Business Administration Diploma Payroll Compliance (from CPA)

  • Contemporary Marketing
  • The External Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Organizational Buying Behaviour
  • Business-To-Business Marketing
  • Market Segmentation & Target Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Planning
  • Product Management
  • Price Strategy and Determination
  • Price Management
  • Distribution Channels
  • Physical Distribution
  • Wholesaling and Retailing
  • Interactive Communications
  • Event Marketing and Sponsorships
  • Internet Marketing
  • Advertising and Public Communication

Business Law

  • Employment Law
  • Law And Law Makers
  • Resolving Disputes
  • Business Structures, Legal Characteristics
  • Property Law
  • Workplace Law and Employment Standard
  • Working Conditions
  • Equity and Privacy In The Workplace

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Strategic Role
  • Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights
  • Employment Standard Legislation
  • Developing Effective Human Resources
  • Building Effective Employer-Employee
  • Relationships
  • Labor Relations, Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration
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ABC Access Business College, in Toronto, Ontario, is a private career college registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Our Mission to give the best quality training and place the students with a prosperous career. Always Forward! Read less