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The Complementary Training Course for graduates in Telecommunications Engineering in any specialty for obtaining Degree in Engineering Telecommunication Systems, the Telecommunications Engineers is directed with over 2 years experience (date of obtaining the degree) to facilitate their access to new Certificate in Engineering Telecommunication systems.

The world of telecommunications is one of the most attractive economic sectors of our country for its growth potential and its strategic role in economic development.

Engineer in Telecommunications Systems develops his professional career in planning, design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance services or electronic telecommunications equipment, ensuring the generation, transmission and reception of signals. The new services mobile or fixed telephony, communications networks of computers, electronic equipment and systems, broadcasting, Internet, or the development of new global positioning systems are some of the job opportunities of these studies.


To access the course is necessary to hold the title of Telecommunications Engineering with a minimum of 2 years prior to the date of registration to it.

For the new Graduate degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering is required to enroll, take and pass all subjects of the course, including the presentation of a Final Degree Project, totaling 60 credits.


Graduates acquire the scientific, technological, socio-economic formation and preparation for professional practice in the development and application of information and communications technology in all that requires them, within the regulatory framework.

It stresses the ability to design, analyze, implement, operate and manage a system, component or process field of information and communications technology as circuits and subsystems RF transmission equipment and reception systems guided communications and unguided , networks, software and telecommunication services, electronic equipment and systems, premises and facilities related to the audiovisual equipment.

To access the course is necessary to hold the title of Telecommunications Engineering with a minimum of 2 years prior to the date of registration to it.


  • We have the experience of being the first Telecommunications School created in Catalonia and a faculty with extensive teaching and professional experience.
  • Telecommunications Studies La Salle enjoy a high social and business, national and international recognition. The labor market is 100% and the major companies come to La Salle to hire these profiles.
  • The teaching methodology is practical and participatory. Students who wish may participate as interns or planners transfer projects or research with leading companies, allowing them to learn by doing.
  • You can participate in real and relevant business projects and search.
  • We have over 30 technological laboratories accessible and available to all students and unique facilities statewide as the anechoic chamber RF, digital communications lab laboratory or industrial automation.
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

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