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The only specialized in Management program Small and Medium Enterprises: PYMEX


Practice methodology

Quality training based on "Case Method"An active, practical and participative model. You will learn through case real companies and current situations, with international focus.


New prospects for your business

Continuous contact with entrepreneurs and industry executives SME business will bring new visions that will consolidate your knowledge for decision making.


Cloister: active professionals

Qualified professionals, experienced entrepreneurs and executives active prestigious form the faculty of the San Telmo International Institute PYMEX Program.



Meet professionals from different sectors of small and medium enterprises. You can find clients, future partners or suppliers among our more than 10,000 alumni.

Leading the growth of your company

The PYMEX program is specially designed for:


  • managers
  • Successors of family businesses
  • young entrepreneurs


  • Senior Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • High Future Direction of SMEs


  • Executives who hold positions of responsibility
  • Experienced professionals looking for new horizons

Improve your preparation, strength and vision business


Knowledge growth

Acquires rigorous functional and operational knowledge, allowing you a high readiness to lead and rule the small and medium enterprises.


personal attention

Make the most of the program with the tutor. Each participant will have an assigned tutorWhich will help you get the best results and overcome the difficulties they may encounter throughout their training.


Development of managerial skills

Hone these skills through analysis of business situations, Improves troubleshooting, evaluating alternatives and making decisions.


Perfection of interpersonal relationships

Encourages communication and interpersonal relationship within the scope of the company and its outreach to customers, suppliers, managementTraining to strengthen your company


Training to strengthen your company

  • Analysis of business situations
  • People Management
  • Operations Directorate
  • Dir. Sales and marketing
  • Dir. Financial Economic
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Decision making
  • Company Policy
  • socio-economic environment
  • legal and fiscal environment
  • Succession in family business
  • Internationalization of SMEs
  • digital transformation
  • Purpose (shared mission, people and talent) and any other participant in the business environment.

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  • Sevilla Open Day: March 9, 2017 at 19:00
  • Málaga Open Day: February 21, 2017 at 17.30
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