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Expert on Universal Accessibility and Design for All


The approval in the House of Representatives of the Law 51/2003 of 2 December on "Equal Opportunities, Non-Discrimination and Universal Accessibility for People with Disabilities" (LIONDAU), has come to determine a qualitative change in the consideration of Accessibility, not as content attached to the field of social services in the general framework of the welfare state, but as a fundamental right of people in terms of their status as citizens.

In the application of this new perspective, has been derived from the fact of treatment accessibility as integrator and facilitator aspect of the quality of life of society as a whole, not as a concept whose effects processors, are routed to a particular sector of the population .

The postgraduate "Universal Accessibility and Design for All ", now in its 6th edition and official title of a public university, has been the first formal initiative, throughout the Spanish territory, offering an educational program eminently practical, by providing accessibility from a global point of view, in a context of mainstreaming with the basic objective of promoting the quality of life, not of a specific sector of the population, but for all citizens as a whole.The graduate, agrees with the strategic actions set out in the National Accessibility Plan 2004-2012 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (ACCEPLAN), Cabinet approved in July 2003, specifically, with the terms of the performances: 0201 "Designers and Technical Training in Design for All " 0301 "Insertion Strategy Design for All University Studies " and 0204: Creation of the concept of "Accessibility Consultant ", providing sufficient training to new tasks progressive professional development in our country.





  • Knowing the characteristics and functionality needs of different groups of people with disabilities as well as the actions taken to its coverage by the main agents responsible for the provision of services in the field of "Universal Accessibility" and "Design for All".

  • Provide insights into the current state of the regulatory framework in force in our country's "Universal Accessibility" and "Design for All" (state and regional)

  • Training for the implementation of the foundations and principles underlying the design for all people: urban planning, building and transport; leisure, culture and positive use of leisure time, the use of new technologies and systems communication.

  • Provide tools and methodologies specific knowledge necessary for the development projects and special plans in Universal Accessibility

  • Describe the methods and systems that establish the elements of change to incorporate into a particular environment, product, service or piece of technology, so that it suits the various functionalities of users.

  • Provide knowledge on the methodological principles, actions and procedures for planning and implementation of sustainable management models of the Universal Accessibility.




May access the program all those who are in possession of a diploma, degree or Graduate degree.

It may exempt candidates from the university degree requirement, provided that there shall be a remarkable experience to ensure the achievement of competencies access profile in the field of activities of the course



Place Reservation

The preregistration period or place reservation is open year round.

The steps for making the same are:

1. Fill the registration form with the appropriate data.

2.Make a deposit of 100 euros in reserves

- Either in cash at the Department of Education IGS

- Or by bank transfer (see rules of enrollment).

3. Send the registration form mentioned along with proof of payment.


Acceptance and Registration

1. Send the following documentation:

- 2 photocopies of ID or passport

- 1 passport size photograph.

- 2 copies of university degree.

- BANK (If direct debit)

2.Complete the enrollment form at the Autonomous University of Madrid (for this procedure is necessary to go to our Centre)





The program price is 2300 Euros.

Payment can be made of either of two ways:

  • Single payment before the course starts.

  • Instalment payment in two installments by direct debit (half in December and half in the month of February)

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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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