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The program is designed for: Managers and specialists aimed at improving their management competencies, as well as for companies that want to improve the skills and performance of the average managerial level.

program Content

Block I. Personal mastery of the manager

  • Introductory lesson: management tasks
    • Analysis and evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
    • Development of individual training plans for the program.
</ul><ul><li>Self-organization<ul><li>Time management: how to manage everything?</li>
<li>    Practical methods of stress management.</li>

</ul><ul><li>Techniques of effective self-positioning<ul><li> Skills to promote the benefits of your proposal to the boss, colleagues, subordinates. Presentations.</li>
<li>    Skills for setting tasks for subordinates and working with resistance</li>
<li>    Choice of the method of influence.</li>

</ul><ul><li>Tools of business communications in the work of the manager<ul><li>Communication in the organization.</li>
<li>    Features of interpersonal communication.</li>
<li>    Rules for providing corrective feedback: effects, algorithms, tactics.</li>

</ul><ul><li>Distance learning: Tools for analyzing problems and decision-making techniques.</li>

  • Final exam on the topics of the block 1.

Block II. Management Technology Division

  • Key operational management tools
    • Nature of organization: structure and culture.
    • Setting goals and planning in the organization.
    • Distribution of work assignments, delegation of authority.
    • Motivation as a function of management.
    • Establishment of control in the unit.
    • Performance management.
</ul><ul><li>Contribution of the unit to the overall business of the company: processes, functions, result</li>

  • How to assess the contribution of the unit to the common cause
    • KPI - definition and analysis of performance indicators.
</ul><ul><li>Key Financial Performance Indicators</li>

  • We are expected to do more: increase the efficiency of daily activities with our own hands
  • How to behave in case of special assignments? Project management

Block III. Leadership and Human Resources Management

  • Fundamentals and modern practices of leadership in the organization.
  • A personal example of a leader and creating a culture of success.
  • Leader as a mentor. Tools of positive reinforcement.
  • Evaluation of work and personnel management
    • Determining the need for staff.
    • The process of hiring, adapting, evaluating and training staff.
    • The procedure for dismissal.
</ul><ul><li>Remuneration of labor and reward for the result.</li>

  • Creating and managing relationships in teams
    • Opposition to manipulation and blackmail from colleagues and subordinates.
    <li>    Constructive conflict resolution.</li>

</ul><ul><li>Career management.</li>

Block IV. Customer Management

  • What is the marketing "coming" of your company? Marketing function in the company.
  • Who are your customers and why are they working with you?
    • Segmentation of consumers.
    • Identification of key customers.
    • Internal customers.
</ul><ul><li>How do we want our clients to perceive us?<ul><li>Positioning.</li>

</ul><ul><li>How to convey information about your product to your customers?<ul><li>Marketing communications.</li>

</ul><ul><li>How to build a long-term relationship, beneficial for you and for your client? ... or "Attracting a new customer is more expensive than keeping the current one".</li>

  • Customer service as a key success factor.

Components of the educational process

  • Analysis of managerial situations by the method of "case study".
  • Group exercises and discussions.
  • Distance learning.
  • Exchange of experience with colleagues.
  • Individual and group presentations.
  • Applying new knowledge and tools in practice: solving a real problem in your company.

Benefits of studying on the program

For companies sending their employees to the GMP program:

  • Enhance the skills of the middle management of the company and its willingness to solve more complex tasks.
  • Formation of a unified management culture of the company: all levels of management speak the same language.
  • Effective in-service training.
  • Practical feedback from training is a solution to the real problem of the company.

For the participants of the GMP program :

  • Systematization of previously acquired knowledge and practical work experience: so that everything is "sorted out".
  • A fresh look at business, its work and ways of solving problems.
  • Management tools, practical techniques, elements of skill.
  • Increase in personal capitalization: assistance in the transition from a specialist to a professional manager in courses for managers.

The cost of the program: 5990 bel.rub. (BYN)

Date and Venue: Duration of training is 9 months, full-time study hours - 256, distance learning - 80.

Beginning of the program: October 13, 2017

Pr-t "Newspapers Pravda" 11, Minsk International Education Center. Johannes Rau (IBB Center)

The teaching for this program is only available in English.

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