Graduated in Photography


Program Description

The Graduate in Photography has a duration of three years and its purpose is to offer a technical and humanistic training to the future photographer, in a broad and solid manner.

Addressed to

Both people who look at photography a means of artistic expression and personal, as a professional outlet. At the end of the Graduate the student reaches the necessary knowledge that will help him carry out his professional and creative activity.


The First Course provides with its contents a base that allows the student to solve any photographic situation both at a technical and conceptual level.

The Second Course consolidates and perfects the techniques and procedures necessary for professional practice, and delves into methodological, historical, narrative and aesthetic concepts.

The Third Course is aimed at obtaining the knowledge that allows to enter the different fields of application of photography: Commercial and Advertising, Documentary and Creation.

The Graduate Project consists of a research work in the field of photography, proposed and carried out by the student with the advice of a project tutor from the IEFC.

At the end of the third year, the Graduate Diploma in Photography is obtained from the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.


First course

First quarter

  • Illumination I
  • Laboratory B / NI
  • Digital Laboratory I
  • Image and composition
  • Technology I

Second term

  • Lighting II
  • Digital Laboratory II
  • Image and Perception I
  • Image and composition
  • Technology II

Second course

First quarter

  • Portrait
  • Digital Laboratory III
  • Image and Perception II
  • Visual Narrative
  • Laboratory B / N II

Second term

  • Still life
  • Digital Laboratory IV
  • Landscape and Environment
  • News Report
  • History of Photography I
  • Technology III

Third course

First quarter

  • Advertising Still Life
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Multimedia Edition
  • Video
  • Digital Postproduction
  • Creative Photography
  • Documentary Report

Second term

  • Fashion and Portrait
  • Digital Postproduction
  • Professional Internet Projection
  • Editorial Photography
  • History of Photography II
  • Economy and Legislation
  • Graduate Project


You must be 18 or meet them within the academic year. In the latter case, the authorization of the legal guardian is necessary at the time of registration.

Direct access to the second course: A test must be passed, which takes place in the month of September, in which some knowledge equivalent to the First course is demonstrated. Pre-registration is required and payment of € 40 for examination fees.


Registration can be carried out in two ways:

By Internet: Download the registration form and send it with your ID or Passaporte and a photo ID to

Personally: Go to the IEFC Secretariat and present a photocopy of the ID or Passport and a passport photograph.

It is necessary to indicate the schedule and the language of preference, since in the first course there are groups in Catalan and in Spanish.

Practical information


3 years


September to June


  • Morning: 8-11 h / 11-14 h
  • Afternoon: 16-19 h
  • Night: 19-22 h


  • 1st Course: 3 days a week (3 hours)
  • 2nd and 3rd Course: 4 days a week (3 hours)


  • 1st Course: € 4,060
  • 2nd Course: € 4,280
  • 3rd Course: € 4,280


You must be 18 or meet them during the academic year.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

La Escuela de Fotografía del IEFC ofrece estudios de fotografía proporcionando la formación necesaria a aquellas personas que buscan una salida profesional, un medio de expresión artística, o unos con ... Read More

La Escuela de Fotografía del IEFC ofrece estudios de fotografía proporcionando la formación necesaria a aquellas personas que buscan una salida profesional, un medio de expresión artística, o unos conocimientos que le ayuden en su actividad. La Escuela es un importante referente en la enseñanza de la Fotografía a nivel europeo. Por sus aulas han pasado más de 15.000 alumnos, muchos de ellos se dedican a la fotografía profesional, ya sea en su vertiente artística, académica, cultural, empresarial o de servicios. Read less