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Top Part time Postgraduate Diplomas in Human Resources 2019/2020 in Africa

Going back to school makes sense for those looking to expand career options. In certain circumstances, it can be extremely beneficial to attain a postgraduate diploma instead of pursuing another Bachelor’s degree.  

Getting a degree in human resources is a way of preparing to be a member of the workforce at a company or organization. Students in this field may take courses on subjects as diverse as pay equality, employment law, leadership, management and organizational behavior.


Postgraduate Diploma Program Part time in Human Resources in Africa

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Westford University College

This human resource program uses current and classic theory and research to develop a critical understanding of both the theory and practice of human resource management ... [+]

Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource Management - CIQ, UK Human Resource Management Courses in Dubai

It is widely recognized that people are an organization’s most valuable assets. However, in many organizations, people are also the most costly resource. Individual working patterns are changing as more people work from home, build portfolio careers, take sabbaticals, work flexible hours or are on short-term, fixed contracts. Organizations also face new challenges as the internet enables the smallest company to operate internationally and compete against multinationals. In addition, new technology such as mobile communication, social media, and outsourcing are changing how recruitment is carried out. For these reasons, companies invest in recruiting, HR training courses, developing and retaining the best people of the job. Thus organizations need experts with an understanding of human resource management and the skills to help them guide, support and manage this crucial business function.... [-]

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