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9 Associate of Science Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering 2024



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Associate of Science Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering

An Associate of Science is a two-year degree for students who are interested in the science field. Usually, much of the coursework is general, but it is combined with classes concentrated on a specific area of science, such as chemistry, physics, biology or psychology.

What is an Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering? This degree provides the foundation for engineering science, and students should learn how to design a product for a specific market based on its environment and function. Mechanical engineers build, test, design, analyze and research devices and machinery. Individuals in this program will learn the basics of maintaining mechanical systems and knowledge of machinery, including production, design and operation. Some classes that a student pursuing this degree may take include thermodynamics, electricity, mechanics, kinematics, structural analysis and computer classes to learn how to use tools like computer-aided design.

Students who earn an associate’s in mechanical engineering learn a wide variety of skills, many of which are helpful in day-to-day life. Some such skills include advanced mathematics, the mechanics of heating and cooling systems, and problem -solving. All of these may prove helpful in a student’s personal and professional life.

The cost of this type of degree varies. Students might continue their education at a bachelor’s or master’s level, which may increase the cost. The academic institution chosen and the country the school is based in may also affect the cost.

Individuals who complete a degree in mechanical engineering have several career options. Some may choose jobs in medicine, aerospace, IT, business, automotive, energy, construction, railway or manufacturing. Possible job titles include production manager, aerospace engineer, automotive engineer, maintenance engineer or corporate investment banker, to name a few. Mechanical engineering graduates often work in a variety of fields because of the broad range of knowledge this degree encompasses. From technical to finance, students in this field usually have an advantage when it comes to options for workplaces.

Online classes are often available for students pursuing this degree who need more flexibility, including international options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.