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Like Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Science degrees are offered at community colleges and vocational schools and take two years to complete. Although both degrees require the student earn a specific amount of credits from general education classes (language arts, algebra, history, sociology and art), an Associate of Science degree demands that a student take additional classes that are focused on the sciences--biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, psychology or politics. These elective courses allow the student to begin specializing in select field while providing supplementary information that improves their chances of gaining employment in fields that require more skill than provided by an associate of arts.

What are the Benefits of Earning an Associate of Science?

Students electing to pursue an associate of science degree facilitate the transfer of credits from their community or vocational college into a bachelor's degree program at a university. They will also reduce tuition costs by taking science-oriented electives at less expensive two-year institutions.

How Much Does an Associate of Science Degree Cost?

Like A.A. degrees, tuition for A.S. degrees cost much less than tuition for a Bachelor's degree at a four-year university. Earning an Associate of Science degree at a community college typically saves students several thousand dollars on the total, final cost of their academic career.

How Will an Associate of Science Degree Improve Your Career?

While many students earn an A.S. with the intent of pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree, there are numerous jobs that students will be qualified to apply for immediately after completing an A.S. program. Most of these jobs pay higher wages than jobs requiring an A.A and include medical lab technician, veterinary technician, cyber security, database administrator or library information associate.

Why take an Online Associate of Science?

Pursuing an A.S. online is not only a convenient way of improving your earning capacity but also allows you to juggle family and work life without worrying about getting to class on time at a brick and mortar college campus.

How To Apply to an Associate of Science Degree Program?

Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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