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At IBERO we open up the possibility of a future of opportunities, we make an IMPACT socially by providing access to quality higher education, we break economic, cultural and social gaps! This time we wanted to evolve our image. Welcome to the new iBERO! Share and shout loudly #SoyIbero

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The Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana is part of Planeta Training and Universities, the training division of Grupo Planeta. It is an international network of higher education that has twenty educational institutions in Europe, America and North Africa. Every year more than 100,000 students of more than 110 nationalities are trained through its business schools, universities, specialized colleges and professional and continuing training centers.

Planeta Formación y Universidades collaborates with 9,800 companies and manages 13,500 job offers and internships annually. It is a vocation of service to society that translates into the maximum connection with the reality of the labor market and the current and future professionals in charge of transforming it.

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In Mexico City, in 1969, Dr. Luis Hernando Ramírez Collazos and Dr. Mercedes Patiño Posse, founders of our Corporation, come together in love and passion for education. They return to Colombia in 1971, having different goals to fulfill: the first of them was to create a Specialized Education Center for children and young people with developmental delays in which they would be fully educated and where, at the same time, they would train their parents. .

In 1973, the Skinner Special Education Center Foundation was born with the purpose of caring for children and young people with intellectual disabilities. There our founders found the need to train teachers in the field of special education, with theoretical and methodological bases, and they started, in 1979, the Institute of Children's Pedagogy - INPI. A school of higher education for the training of professionals in education that obtains recognition as a University Institution in 1984.

It has already been 38 years transforming lives and there are many more that await the Ibero, since the goal is to contribute to the development of our country through education.

About us

Our mission

We are a Higher Education Institution that, within a framework of inclusion and respect for diversity, supported by various modalities, promotes the training of comprehensive professionals committed to their country.

Our vision

The IBERO, supported by quality accreditations, has grown nationally and internationally, because it has become the first option for students who require flexibility in time, space and learning paths. It is integrated into the productive and social dynamics to generate projects with creativity that address problems of high regional impact. Employers and graduates see in the learning outcomes the ability to meet the great challenges of a highly changing, connected, and demanding world through innovative, creative, empathic, ethical, and entrepreneurial graduates.

Our commitment

At the Ibero we are committed to our mission of expanding educational coverage to favor populations in need to a greater extent.

Our focus

At Ibero we focus on impacting social development towards building a better society through education programs that help our students achieve their personal and professional goals.

quality programs

At Ibero we offer high-quality higher education programs, in accordance with our educational project, within the framework of the regulatory requirements applicable to the institution and in accordance with the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our students.


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