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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 6 Diploma Programs in Restaurant Management 2023/2024

6 Diploma Programs in Restaurant Management 2023/2024


Many high school graduates decide to work toward a diploma, or an internationally recognized document indicating mastery of a particular discipline, as a method of broadening their job opportunities as well as their earning potential.

Just what is a Diploma in Restaurant Management? This program prepares participants for successful careers within the restaurant and hospitality industries. Areas of study typically include food and beverage management, human resource management, hospitality rules and regulations, safe food service procedures, employee training techniques, and general restaurant management techniques and procedures. Some programs focus attention on a particular facet of restaurant management, such as general or kitchen management.

Many recipients of restaurant management programs find that they are able to earn higher salaries and are qualified for a broader range of hospitality and management positions after securing the diploma than they were prior.

Those seeking a Diploma in Restaurant Management will find that there is considerable variation among tuition costs for these programs due to factors like geography and the prestige of the school offering the program. Check with each school of interest for enrollment specifics.

Most graduates of restaurant management programs find employment within managerial roles at restaurants, hotels, resorts or golf courses. Many work as food service managers, food buyers, general restaurant managers or kitchen managers. Others find work within event, hotel or conference management, while some choose to work closely within human resources for a restaurant or hospitality organization. Others yet choose to return to school to continue their education even further in hopes of one day securing a master’s degree in restaurant management or a related area.

Many restaurant management programs are offered online by schools around the globe and are described in more detail in our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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