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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 24 Diploma Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023

24 Diploma Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023


You earn a diploma after completing coursework that pertains to a specific area of focus. People who have earned diplomas may begin to search for work, or they may pursue a higher degree of education.

What is a diploma in tourism and hospitality management? The areas of emphasis for this program of study typically involve management of a hotel, along with other skills for making tourists or guests comfortable during their stay. Courses could include concierge skills, hotel operations, business management, accounting, marketing, information management and technology, culinary skills, conference management, event planning, or customer relations. There may be an internship included in your program to give you an opportunity to experience your industry firsthand.

The skills you could gain through your work toward this diploma may make you attractive not only to employers at hotels, but also to restaurants that cater to tourists, or tour companies that need guides. The possession of a diploma may make you more employable or more eligible for advancement in your company.

Different schools offer the coursework for this diploma at different prices. Cost also depends on the country in which you are studying. It’s best to reach out to schools to inquire about the most current tuition costs.

You have a variety of careers you may pursue once you have earned your diploma. These could include positions as a hotel manager, caterer, event coordinator, hotel or attraction public relations representative, concierge, tour guide, travel advisor, or booking agent. Your job will most likely be focused on providing tourists with a smooth and comfortable trip, whether by helping them plan their travels beforehand, giving them a hospitable place to stay once they have arrived, or guiding them to their destination and events while there.

Find your place with a diploma in tourism and hospitality management. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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