Evergreen Valley College


At Evergreen Valley College, we're all about our students and we take great pride in our approach to education and Student Success.

Our students depend on us to provide an education that will prepare them to succeed when they transfer to a university. They depend on us to teach them the skills they need to enter the workforce, and to teach and challenge them throughout their lives.

Our students trust us and we take that responsibility seriously. As we create class schedules and consider new programs and services, Student Success is at the core of each decision we make. We place their realities first. Will they need help with language skills? Are they carrying other responsibilities like children or full-time jobs? Are they the first in their family to attend college?

We invite you to "Discover EVC." Located on 175 acres in the eastern foothills of San Jose, you'll find a vibrant, friendly place filled with students working hard to achieve their dreams, and faculty and staff working alongside them to make sure those education dreams come true. ​​


  • Yerba Buena Road,3095, 95135, San Jose