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19 Foundation Year Programs in Economic Studies 2024



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Foundation Year Programs in Economic Studies

For students who need more time after secondary school to acclimate to the standards of higher education, there is what is called a foundation year. People may complete this kind of program in a year and, in doing so, prepare themselves for further studies at a higher level.

What is a foundation year in economic studies? Broadly speaking, it is a program that exposes students to the fundamentals of economics, business and social policy. To prepare for further academic pursuits, students might take classes in mathematics and statistics. In some cases, students may learn how to give effective presentations as well as take part in negotiations. They may also be exposed to the basics of entrepreneurship and business planning.

Students who successfully finish a foundation year in economics can enjoy the benefit of concrete skills, such as accounting and break-even analysis, which can help students get jobs and promotions. Additionally, students generally learn how to be organized, which is helpful in all aspects of life.

A foundation year program will be priced differently depending on the school, but these programs are usually a year in length. Students who are thinking of applying to one of these programs should be sure to shop around and compare prices before deciding.

The careers available to someone with an academic background in economics include actuaries, local government officers, stock brokers, financial risk analysts and, of course, economists. If students go on to obtain a terminal degree, they could end up with a career in academia. Economics is a field that applies to so many disciplines and for this reason a student might find him or herself on a career path in many different industries.

A foundation year in economics is a great way to prepare for a higher degree. It’s also good training for a career in economics. For more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.