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Bay Language Institute Course in TEFL Teacher Training
Bay Language Institute

Course in TEFL Teacher Training

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

4 Weeks


Full time

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ZAR 9,300 *


* price per week, for 2019 courses.


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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

To date, we have trained more than 400 EFL teachers at bli. Our TEFL course includes 120 hours of training designed to prepare the future EFL/ESL teacher to work with people from all over the world and from different cultures. This course cover all relevant aspects of teaching such as lesson preparation, classroom management, grammar, teaching methodologies, observation, teaching practice, textbook evaluation and much more. Our TEFL course focuses on the real skills required to teach under the often difficult circumstances encountered in the EFL/ESL sectors. The school has developed a solid reputation for excellence in this field, and a number of our graduates are willing to testify to this personally. If you are interested in a TEFL course and working in foreign countries please contact us.


TEFL 4 WeeksZAR 8500 (4 weeks - 2018 price only)

General Information

  • Maximum of 14 students, a minimum of 6 students per group
  • TEFL classes run from 08:30 to approximately 16:00 daily, with refreshment and meal breaks

What you should expect from a TEFL course

Exploration and interaction

Don’t expect to be lectured. Or spoon-fed. Not much, anyway. We’re teachers, NOT lecturers. During the course we interact constantly, discussing and sharing views on education, language learning, planning, teaching wherever, cultures and more – all under the oversight and expert guidance of an experienced, trained TEFL/TESOL tutor.


We have fun. We laugh. We build relationships. Simply because we know, from years of experience and success, that fun and learning go hand-in-hand.

Hard work

Four weeks is not a lot of time. You’ll need to work hard, so be prepared for late nights preparing for the next day and next week. It’s worth it.

The deep end

You’re here to learn to teach. The best way to do this is to start on day one, or maybe day two. Be prepared to be pushed into the deep end - we’re going to ask you to teach at the drop of a hat, or to plan to teach the next day. It could be a five-minute micro lesson, or a half hour grammar point. You’re going to learn to cope with pressure and have fun while you’re doing so.


Your tutors have a great love for teaching. Revel in it, and take in everything they share with you.


Learn from others: you’ll have the opportunity to observe our own teachers in action, as well as those at a nearby pre-primary school. Watch closely, and remember.


You have to take responsibility for yourself. We can’t earn your salary for you. Be positive, and come with an open mind - it’s wonderful to see how much we can learn from each other.


We’re not going to find your job for you. There is so much opportunity out there, and we’ll share the details of placement organisations and TEFL/TESOL directories we have come to know over the years, with you. Do some research, there is so much information available.

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