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Leydis has years of teaching experience. She started working as a teacher in 1998 and has been teaching Spanish since 2003.

Due to her unending energy, her dependability, her disciplined attitude towards work, and her obliging nature, Leydis is the guiding spirit of our language school.

Leydis‘ love for the Spanish language enlightens students from every corner of the world through her creative lessons.

I traveled to Colombia in December 2014 and went to school for three months. It was during this language stay that I got to know and learned to appreciate Leydis as a teacher and as a person. After my return to Switzerland, Leydis continued to instruct me through Skype. Through these lessons, my Spanish improved constantly, and I decided to travel back to Cartagena for three weeks in February 2016.

Leydis had been toying with the idea of opening her own language school for a while. During a conversation following one of our lessons, she told me about these plans. With her enthusiasm, she completely won me over, and we decided to start a new language school. As Leydis' former Spanish student in Cartagena, I know what makes an excellent school.

In June 2016 we rented a building, and a month later we had it converted to suit the requirements of our school.

In December 2016 we found an even more ideal building at our current location. We moved in during April 2017, and renovations were ongoing until February 2018; in the meantime, lessons went ahead as normally as possible. It was challenging for everyone, pero vale la Pena!


  • Cartagena

    Cartagena, Colombia