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Dublin, Ireland

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Sep 2023

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At Englishour, we have a number of different courses to help you bridge the gap between your formal and informal English language learning. Our courses have all been designed to ensure you can successfully communicate in English, no matter the situation.

Morning course – Monday to Friday – 10am to 1.20pm – 15 hours

The Englishour morning course is designed to give you an opportunity to improve all your communication skills in English. Every morning, you’ll be provided with a free book to follow our unique grammar syllabus. Throughout the course you will:

  • Focus on how English language structures are formed to promote accuracy in your speaking and listening skills.

  • Improve your listening skills, enabling you to understand English in a variety of formal and informal situations.

At Englishour, we use a communicative and task-based teaching methodology, to equip you to communicate in a natural way.

Afternoon conversation Course – Monday to Friday – 1.50pm to 2.50pm

Englishour’s afternoon classes are designed to focus on your speaking skills. Every lesson will look at a function of the English language, such as giving advice to people, apologising and dealing with problems. You will be given the vocabulary and structures you need to complete a spoken task assessed by the native teacher.

You will be given the vocabulary and structures you need to complete a spoken task assessed by the native teacher. Fluency and pronunciation are both aspects of the afternoon conversation class which are focused on in each lesson.

The afternoon classes also feature a phrasal verb hour each week. Our afternoon conversation class presents the perfect opportunity to recycle the language and grammar structures you learn in your morning class.

Afternoon Course – Monday to Friday – 3pm to 5pm – 10 hours

Our Englishour afternoon course gives you the chance to develop your communication skills, including:

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

Every afternoon you’ll be given a free book, ensuring you can follow our unique grammar syllabus. By focusing on how English language structures are formed, you’ll improve your accuracy of speaking and writing in English.

The afternoon course will help you to improve your listening skills, enabling you to understand a range of formal and informal situations. Englishour’s afternoon course uses a task-based and communicative teaching methodology to equip you with natural communication skills.

You can also combine our conversation course and afternoon course and study for 15 hours per week from 1:50pm to 5pm!

Evening Course – Monday and Wednesday – 6.45pm to 8.45pm – 4 hours

Our evening classes include general and exam English. You’ll be given a book for the class which provides a grammar framework. Writing tasks are generally given as homework, and you’ll also be given other homework tasks to complete every week.

We cover the following exams:

  • FCE

  • CAE


At Englishour, we give every student who’s taking an exam a lot of individual attention. You’ll work closely with your teachers to achieve the exam result you need. We’re extremely proud of our exam record and every student improves their English with every Englishour lesson.

Saturday morning course – 10am to 1.20pm – 3 hours

If you’re busy during the week but want to improve your English language skills, our Saturday morning course is perfect for you. We cover both grammar and a speaking task every week, and you’ll quickly improve your speaking, writing and listening skills each lesson. We will give you homework every week so that you can develop your language skills in your own free time.

Combo course – Monday to Friday - 10am to 3pm – 20 hours

By combining our morning and afternoon classes, you can create a more intensive course and save money!

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