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Martec - Maritime And Polytechnic College

Martec - Maritime And Polytechnic College

Martec - Maritime And Polytechnic College


The training to become an ordinary seaman consists of the voyage on board the Training Ship DANMARK and craftsmanship workshop training ashore at Maritime And Polytechnic College - MARTEC in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

An ordinary seaman has to undertake all kinds of work on a ship, on the deck as well as in the engine department, and a seaman has to be multi-faceted, and the better he is at work as a responsible member of a team, the better he will adapt to the changing and challenging tasks at sea.

Every year, Traning Ship DANMARK accepts 80 students. Furthermore, we offer standby places in case of students dropping out before the voyage starts. We conduct admission interviews continuously after receiving your application form.

The training changes between practical work on the vessel, classes in technical subjects, working safety and - environment, firefighting, navigation and rules of the road, practical seamanship, marine technology, safety at sea, first aid, maintenance, etc.

After completing the training and 12 months of seagoing service, the path is cleared to apply to a navigation school or 20 weeks finishing the course at Maritime And Polytechnic College that brings a certificate as an able-bodied seaman.


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    Haanbaekvej 54 9900 Frederikshavn Denmark, 9900, Frederikshavn