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Morley College

Morley College

Morley College


Morley College is an adult education college in London. It offers courses in various fields, including art and design, fashion, languages, drama, dance, music, health, and humanities.

We’re here to help you discover your future through learning. Our enhanced and flexible provision keeps your safety and schedule in mind, so whether you’re keen to develop your skills, prioritize your wellbeing or enjoy getting creative, there’s a short course for you at Morley.

You might be an Adventurist: a real risk-taker, all about forging new paths and voyaging into creative possibilities. Perhaps you’re a Conservationist, keen to be green and ready to develop technologies and practices to protect our planet. Maybe you’re a Futurist– instead of thinking outside the box, you’re rebuilding it with new strategies for a better world.

Whether you want to work on some new skills, discuss the big questions, feel good or enjoy getting creative, there’s an adult learning course for you at Morley, where you can find your –ist.


  • South Bank

    Westminster Bridge Road,61, SE1 7HT, South Bank