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Sitting Bull College

Sitting Bull College

Sitting Bull College


Sitting Bull College began as Standing Rock Community College (SRCC) on September 21, 1973. On that date, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council granted a charter to SRCC to operate as a post-secondary educational institution with the authority to grant degrees at the Associate level. Recognizing the need for an institution of higher education which would provide opportunities for people in the immediate area, several movers and shakers on the Standing Rock reservation began the process of establishing one of the nation’s first tribal colleges.

On March 6, 1996, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council voted to officially amend the charter, changing the college’s name to Sitting Bull College (SBC). The objectives were not altered, and the college continues to operate as the charter specifies. Currently, there are over 70 full-time faculty, administrative and support staff. The original enrollment of 90 students has grown to approximately 300 each semester. Bachelor programs, associate level general college transfer programs and vocational programs are currently being offered.

While the accreditation activities ensure that Sitting Bull College meets the standards of the higher education agencies, the fact that Sitting Bull College is tribally controlled means it must also provide services to the Native American community. Advisory boards made up of community members provide input that is relied upon for program continuation and changes. The College Board of Trustees is elected from the eight districts. At the state and national levels, the college is a member of the North Dakota Association of Tribal Colleges and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium.


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