Nova Institute Of Technology


Nova Institute of Technology (NIT) was established in 2007 to provide nationally recognised training services to local and international students. NIT also provides a wide range of intensive and practical English language courses delivered by fully qualified and professional teachers. NIT can help students achieve that IELTS score and to learn on the job English.

New courses and pro-grammes fill student needs are introduced regularly. NIT is located on level 4, 220 Albert Road, South Melbourne. We are conveniently located 10 minutes tram ride from the city, surrounded by shops, restaurants and nightlife. Melbourne has been voted the World’s most liveable city on many occasions, most recently in August 2017. As it is the unofficial cultural and learning centre of Australia, it only makes sense to choose our city to learn in. NIT provides its students with modern, clean and comfortable facilities with a vibrant learning atmosphere that is obvious throughout the Institute.


  • Albert Road,220, 3205, South Melbourne