Australian College of Information Technology and Institute of Film and Television


Australian College of Information Technology (ACIT) and Institute of Film and Television (IFTV) is an Australian Government registered training organisation with a proven record of delivering quality education.

Our curriculum is benchmarked against international standards and is complemented by a work experience and graduate placement program.

ACIT & IFTV partners with industry leaders that defined the disciplines that we teach. Students studying with the college have direct access to official training and certification programs made available through these partners.

Our Internship programs are designed to give students confidence and real-world experience. As a result, our graduates obtain worldwide recognition as industry professionals.

All ACIT & IFTV courses are industry based on hands-on training, and our virtual environments allow students to simulate real-world scenarios using the latest operating systems and hardware.

The college is in a superb location with well-equipped IT classrooms and offers an innovative Information Technology and Multimedia program as well as other nationally recognised VET packages.

Hundreds of students have studied at the ACIT & IFTV and now have exciting, successful and rewarding IT and media careers.

With over 20 years of education excellence, leading academic partnerships and internship programs, ACIT & IFTV is the trusted choice in technology and media education for a changing world.

Why Choose Us?

The ACIT & IFTV Difference

Over 20 years of excellence ... in Technical and Media education

The Australian College of Information Technology and Institute of Film and Television excel at incorporating current industry trends into academic programs.

We bring you over two decades of success in technology and media education. This legacy is your open door to an outstanding career in Digital Media, and Information and Communications Technology.

Industry Approved Training

Join us and our leading technology partners as you take your own journey. Experience the most authentic, up-to-date hands-on training available. Benefit from decades of course development experience and the dedication of our committed and caring instructors. Acquire expertise from the technology giants that shape our world - Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, and VMware.

As an ACIT & IFTV student, you will have access to the finest people and technology, as well as our renowned Internship Program, designed to give you real-world experience and the confidence to move into your future career.

Scalable Education Pathways

ACIT programs allow you to continue your studies through to Bachelors and Masters Degrees through credit transfer arrangements with some of Australia’s best universities.

A qualification from ACIT & IFTV will equip you with the skills to select from a diverse and exciting range of career options. The only limits are those you set for yourself. It is time to discover a world of possibilities!

Meeting the Diverse Needs of all Students

Australian society is more diverse than ever before. The teaching force at the Australian College of Information Technology (ACIT) and Institute of Film and Television (IFTV) have geared up in the midst of an expanding international student population to cater to their diverse needs.

Towards all the college’s students, ACIT & IFTV make a focused and determined effort to provide the skills, attitudes, and knowledge they need to be successful in the globally interdependent community that we live and work in.

Faculty & Facilities

Our campus is located in Australia’s most beautiful major city, the Gold Coast, offering a vibrant and safe environment in which to learn and grow. Students benefit from our smaller class sizes, access to highly qualified and caring teaching staff and a wide-range of support services.

Be stimulated by the diversity of thought and culture as you study with students from many countries. Combine this with the natural beauty of our region and enjoy a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Graduate Placement

Take advantage of our international graduate employment program to gain international experience in full time paid employment.

The college offers specialised services, internship and placement programs, as well as official training resources for certification through major industry partners.

As we look towards our digital future we see an exciting array of opportunities for technologists, innovators, and designers.Join the hundreds that have gone before you to successful and rewarding careers.



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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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