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How is H2 University Training?

Before the training, I have access to my e-learning platform. I find:

  • All practical information on my training
  • A questionnaire to complete
  • Content to consult before the training for the theoretical part (videos, articles, computer graphics, etc.)

During the training, face-to-face:

  • Participants learn by doing
  • Thanks to a program rooted in reality
  • The transfer of skills is from peers to peers
  • Individual and collective feedbacks are done at the end of the session

After the training, I will have access on my e-learning platform:

  • Content used during training
  • Has videos that summarize key concepts
  • Has content (articles, videos) updated regularly according to the news of the subject studied
  • At a discussion forum where I could ask all my questions

Why Do We Use Active Learning?

  • The learner is at the center of learning
  • With the rise of digital, knowledge is very easily accessible
  • Scenarios are created to allow the participant to learn by doing
  • A method adapted to the business world with equivalent situations (deadline, team work, etc.)
  • Active pedagogies allow the learning of transversal skills (soft skills) which are real strengths

Logistics Management

We manage registrations directly on our website ...

... or via a personalized platform for each client

The participants receive by email their access to our e-learning platform (practical information, questionnaires, content to consult, etc.)

We organize the training in our training area or in your premises

Choosing H2 University , It's Benefit

  • From our teaching expertise
  • From a network of experts and partners
  • From the organization of A to Z formations



75003 Paris, Île-de-France, France