For 19 years, our school has combined creativity, commitment, and technical excellence.

With a world-renowned reputation for excellence, MoPA offers top-level training to prepare our students for careers in CG image and animation.

The numerous prizes obtained in festivals around the world (SIGGRAPH, shortlisted for the Oscars) attest to the artistic, cinematographic and technical expertise of our students. A MOPA qualification is the passport to employment in leading 3D/CG studios....Aardman, Mikros, DoubleNegative, Illumination MacGuff, The Mill...

The comprehensive training provided at MoPA opens up a world of international opportunities and the chance to fast-track your career.

Our 2016 MoPA graduation film "The Garden Party" has been nominated for the 2018 Oscars!

The MoPA community

Teaching staff

Training is dispensed by experienced industry professionals who alternate their professional activities with teaching.

Motivated by the passion for handing on their know-how and knowledge, the teaching staff demand high standards from our students but are also characterized by their generous, supportive approach.

Graduate network

Made up of over 500 graduates present in all major international studios, our graduates are also ambassadors for the school and welcome interns and fresh graduates into their organizations. Still attached to their old school they take great pleasure in returning to the school to take part injuries, to dispense training, and present conferences.

The studios

With a loyalty and trust generated over a relationship spanning the 19 years of the school’s existence, they regularly come to MoPA to take part in our juries, for conferences and projects.


The students at MoPA enjoy the same equipment and software used in professional studios. The computing equipment: over 200 computers, loaded with 3DS Max, Nuke, Substance Painter, Houdini, Unity and more. A render farm contributes to the computer power necessary to produce our films. Students may also access the premises after normal working hours when major projects are being undertaken.

The courses

A rigorous, high-standard professional training

Our objective:

To train professionals in animated film and post-production, future studio professionals, with an artistic vision, an understanding of the overall process of how a film is made, and with strong technical expertise and teamwork experience.

The teaching approach at MoPA is centered around giving the students a variety of experiences in making a film, which allows them at the end of their studies to produce original, professional-quality films.

The five-year course gives a graduate a 5-year advanced diploma as CG filmmaker.

The syllabus

Art preparatory year (in French)
The objective of this year’s training is to bring out your creative potential, enrich your cultural and creative knowledge, to help you acquire work methods, and above all give you confidence in your strengths and talents.

This year will allow you to gain a solid skill base, to put together a portfolio that reflects your identity and your talents, and to reaffirm your career direction.
Study Cycle 1 (in French)
Study Cycle 1 is made up of three years’ study.
The objectives are:
  • to acquire a methodology that allows the students to carry school projects to successful outcomes from beginning to end.
  • to gain both individual and team experience.
  • to acquire the artistic and cinematographic fundamentals enabling students to successfully complete an animated film.
  • to gain experience in the complete technical workflow from concept development to production of an animated short film.
Study Cycle 2
Study Cycle 2 lasts two years and concludes with the awarding of a 5-year diploma as CG filmmaker. This cycle allows students to gain real professional experience and at the end of their studies, they are work-ready.
Several specializations are possible:
  • Animation
  • Digital imaging
  • An International Fourth-Year entry class for new joining students (tuition in English)
The final year of all these study cycles is dedicated to the production of a CG animated short film.
The diploma
A five-year advanced diploma as CG filmmaker Certified Level 1 by the National Committee for Professional Certification (Level 7 Europe). Final-year students produce an animated short film which is presented to a jury made up of industry professionals.


Preparatory Year entrance is by interview and portfolio presentation.
The entrance exam for 1st Year and 2nd Year First Study Cycle admissions takes place at the beginning of April of each year (contact us for this year’s dates).
In 2019, students may be admitted to the 4th Year directly upon application of an interview, personal portfolio, and some technical tests. APPLICATIONS OPEN DECEMBER 2019

Course Fees

Fees at MoPA are highly competitive. Combined with the excellence and reputation of the school, and the near-100% graduation recruitment rate, MoPA offers a unique cost-value benefit. See our website for details.
Programs taught in:
  • English
  • French

This school also offers:


The Preparatory Year in Arts is a generalist year, and aims to assist you in entering grandes écoles, notably in animation. Tuition in French. ... [+]

Tuition language: French

The Preparatory Year in Arts is a generalist year, and aims to assist you in entering grandes écoles of art, design and notably in animation.

Study location: Arles

The objective

The teaching alternates fundamental artistic subjects with workshops and projects in photography, history of animated film, history of art, sculpture, drawing...

The course

Our objective is the bring out your creative potential, enrich your cultural and artistic knowledge, give you work methods and, above all, they give you confidence in your talents.

This year will allow you to acquire a foundation of solid skills and to construct a portfolio that reflects you and your career orientation.... [-]

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