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The Jul academy Istituto di Alta Formazione specializes in the study of Modern Music, it is an exclusive exam center for Calabria LCM and RGT, the singing and instrument, dance and musical theater courses are certified directly by the University of West London and administered by London College of Music Examinations with the issue of certificates and diplomas with EQF training credits.


At this time of Covid19 all our LCM courses 
I am online with live teachers. For residents only
in Italy attendance in presence is allowed

  1. Our teachers

By choosing to compete at the JulAcademy, you can be sure of being followed by some of the best teachers and professionals who, in addition to specialization, have achieved international degrees from the University of West London. The quality of teaching is essential for learning.

Jul academy teachers possess a unique mix of professional experience and knowledge of the subjects taught. With a personalized training method, with small classes, the training will be aimed at developing skills and competences up to the Bachelor course (three-year degree course).



Via Sandro Botticelli 11,
87036 Rende, Calabria, Italy

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