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The Martinair Flight Academy originated 40 years ago and is part of the AIR FRANCE / KLM Group. The academy is the oldest in the Netherlands that runs all practical flight instruction from a Dutch aerodrome. Therefore we use a modern and young fleet that has its home base at Lelystad Airport. This intensive integrated training course takes about 24 months and starts 3 times per year. The theory is given by using a Computer Based Training system and is fully integrated with the practical flying lessons. This means that the theory is alternating with practical flying lessons, at this moment the theory can be applied directly into practice. Monthly there is an orientation day at the flight academy, here you get all the information you need and to explore and understand the Martinair Flight Academy. The selection can start anytime and can be completed in approximately 3 weeks. Martinair Flight Academy is proud to announce the alliance with two other companies, Trener Kft and FSC. The new company that is formed is called Central European Flight Academy, CEFA. After a thorough evaluation, Central European Flight Academy has been selected by Wizz Air as a partner for unique Mentored Pilot Training Programme.

Why Martinair Flight Academy?

Martinair102 It is important to feel comfortable with the way of education which ‘your’ school offers you. One of the most important reasons to choose for the Martinair Flight Academy is its small scale. A maximum of 36 students starts their ATPL training each year and classes do not exceed the number of 12 students. This results in a very personal approach in which the individual is central. At the Martinair Flight Academy, actual flying starts after only four weeks of ground school training. Your first solo flight takes place approximately two months after starting your flight training. This means that theory is combined with practical flight training during the first year. In the second year, actual flying with the young and modern fleet is emphasized. In the first year, the entire ATPL theory will be treated by using CBT (Computer Based Training), which is supported by regular all round theory teachers, who may give flight instruction themselves and are easily able to link theory and practice. In this year you will also obtain your first license, the Private Pilot License. This allows you to fly the required number of hours for the ATPL navigation with a fellow student, so you gain a lot of experience together. Also, you can perform flights to more remote foreign aerodromes because together you have double the number of hours available. Unlike some other flights schools, the complete flight training at the Martinair Flight Academy will perform in one location, in our case, this is Lelystad Airport.

Future Prospects

Martinair103 Martinair Flight Academy is a full subsidiary of Martinair Holland N.V. Martinair Holland N.V. is owned by KLM, so de MFA is also part of the AIR FRANCE / KLM Group. This means that if the companies within this group, such as KLM, Transavia, and Martinair, need pilots they will recruit their flight schools. Concretely, it means that the KLM Flight Academy provides the KLM and Martinair Flight Academy is a “preferred supplier” for Transavia and Martinair Holland. If the KLM Flight Academy cannot supply enough pilots to KLM, student-pilots of the Martinair Flight Academy will be assumed. Our students fly with different airlines, within and outside Europe. Among those airlines, you will find national and flag carriers, regional carriers and business operators. Students, who are still waiting for a job, will be held to the standard by the Martinair Flight Academy by the so-called recurrent training. These monthly training sessions are provided by a team of airline captains, who have earned their traces in leadership positions in commercial aviation (MD-11, B767, B747).

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Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL Integrated)

Campus Full time 23 - 24 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad

With the integrated training course you will obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi engine, Instrument rating and a frozen ATPL. [+]

The difference between ATPL and CPL in brief:

CPL – Commercial Pilot License

ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License /1500 hours of experience

The Integrated course offers the opportunity to get the licenses(ratings) in 24 months. The ground schools will be given in classrooms, but distance learning via internet will be used for ATPL theory. The training is divided into modules and in some modules the training can be combined with other activities of a candidate for example work/solo flights.


To participate in the integrated course you must hold a high school diploma or equivalent with subjects math, physics and English. The course itself includes 200 hours of theory. The practical part consists of at least 225 practical flight hours including simulator time. Before issuing the license an experience of at least 200 flight hours is required of which at least 100 hours as PIC (Pilot In Command). [-]

Flight Instructor Course (FI)

Campus Full time Part time 6 - 12 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad + 1 more

The training for flight instructor (Flight Instructor = FI) as well as the training for instrument flying instructor (Instrument Rating Instructor = IRI and Multi Engine Instructor = MEI) are specialised trainings. [+]

The training for flight instructor (Flight Instructor = FI) as well as the training for instrument flying instructor (Instrument Rating Instructor = IRI and Multi-Engine Instructor = MEI) are specialised trainings.

FI – Flight Instructor The training for flight instructor (basic training) has already been part of the Martinair Flight Academy for many years. The requirements for starting the training are a valid CPL with SEP class rating (EASA License). A minimal of 5 hours has to be flown in the last 6 months preceding the start of the course and an entrance test has to be passed. This test is mandatory.

The essentials in the theoretical part of the training for flight instructor are especially teaching student pilots about aerodynamics and aviation law and learning how to give classical briefings.... [-]

Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

Campus Part time 12 - 16 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad

The PPL (Private Pilot Licence) is an EASA License, with which almost all small airplanes may be flown under VFR, without the restriction of European borders. Once you have you PPL licence you can obtain more ratings for Multi Engine Piston or an Instrument Rating. Selection & Medical Acceptance: There are no pre-selection criteria to obtain your PPL, except the minimum age of 17. Before you start your PPL Course it is important to have your Medical Class 2. Issues as: conditions of sight, color blindness, hearing test and a general health examination, will be checked. Once you have your PPL Licence, it will gives you the privilege to fly VFR. The theoretical PPL course will be obtained through E-learning. This means Computer Based Training in English. The theoretical exams, explained below, will be held at the Belgium CAA. [+]

The PPL (Private Pilot License) is an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) License, with which almost all single-engine airplanes may be flown. The PPL License can be extended with a number of qualifications. For example flying blind qualification (Instrument Rating), which is necessary for instrument flying.

During this course you will learn how to fly an airplane and gradually explore the capabilities of the airplane. All basic flying techniques are discussed. This involves take off, landing, climbing, level flight, turns, stalls, descents, circuit flying, emergency procedures, etc.

As student pilot you work towards your first solo flight, which means flying without your instructor next to you. The next step after your first solo flight is to learn how to navigate with the aid of charts, compass, radio beacons etc. First you fly to other aerodromes with your instructor next to you and later you do this during solo flights.... [-]