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About us?

Aula Creactiva is a private school with its own degree, specializing in creativity that offers academic programs to people who want to be more creative both in their professions and in their lives. Our academic programs cover four areas: Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising Creativity and Digital Marketing. Aula Creactiva is today a community of more than 6,000 students from more than 20 countries. He has signed agreements with more than 600 companies for internships and has trained professionals from more than 500 companies.

Aula Creactiva is a project started in 2002 by Santiago de la Quintana, which has been joined by various professionals and teachers who make up a team with extensive experience and who share the same vision.


Be the school of reference in creativity.


Offer academic programs specialized in creativity to people who want to be more creative both in their professions and in their lives



We assume the responsibility of causing things to happen and we transfer this philosophy to our students. We take action to act in a positive way before all the situations that are presented to us every day. Being proactive means taking control of our behavior actively, taking the initiative to implement constant improvements in the development of our activity.


Faced with the prevailing competitiveness in our society, we are committed to cooperation. We believe that sharing and collaborating achieve higher and nobler goals.


Our world is constantly changing. Flexibility is key to interpret and incorporate changes that occur in organizations. Our academic programs adapt permanently to the constant evolutions experienced by an increasingly digital and more globalized world.


Personal growth is a life project. We believe that knowledge must always be accompanied by a vital experience that extends our horizon and makes us more complete, fuller and happier people.


We believe in reciprocity and mutual recognition. We believe in the individual and in his ability to freely decide about his present and his future. We feel a deep respect for all the living beings that surround us and for the planet that is our common home.


We like to live every moment as if it were the last. We put all our enthusiasm into every action we undertake. We believe that passion is the motor that moves illusions and makes dreams come true.


Promoting a culture of transparency generates sincere and lasting relationships with our students, our trainers and our collaborators. All our activities are based on mutual trust and respect.


We are always alert to integrate new trends in our agendas and activities. Without innovation there is no growth, there is no future. All our courses are updated every year to incorporate new concepts, ideas and techniques.


Our students are an inexhaustible source of positive experiences. We appreciate their attitudes and actions because they always positively influence our lives. We believe that gratitude is a deep and powerful feeling that facilitates relationships with all the people around us.


We face self-criticism of our mistakes and seek the most effective way to overcome them, improving everything that is necessary and that results in an increase in the satisfaction of our students, trainers and collaborators.


We are aware of the effect of our activity on people, our community and the planet we inhabit. That's why we try to add value to society with our actions, spreading values ​​and respecting the environment.


In Aula Creactiva we want to train both professionals and people because we believe that a qualified training is not only based on cognitive aspects but also in the development of attitudes, skills and abilities that allow us to better understand each other, build trust and dare to look for new ways of doing things.

The academic programs taught in Aula Creactiva offer you the following advantages:

  • 100% practical classes
  • Teachers with both teaching and professional experience
  • Teamwork and individualized
  • Advice on the preparation of the portfolio of works
  • Viewing and analyzing current campaigns
  • Access to specialized publications
  • Information on conferences, fairs, festivals and exhibitions
  • Information about competitions for students
  • Teaching materials
  • Informative blog
  • Personalized tutoring
  • 1 computer per student
  • Internet access
  • Recommended bibliography
  • Certificate of accreditation
  • Lifetime job bank
  • Agreement of practices with companies
  • Conferences of creatives, art directors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers ...



c/ Mejía Lequerica, 12
28004 Madrid España

28004 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain


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