Culinary Institute LeNôtre


Cuisine is a feast. There is pleasure, art and magic in cooking and baking. Pleasure first, in reading a good recipe, then in preparing it, tasting it, and serving it. And pleasure is even greater when it is shared. And what better way than of a cooking school to share the pleasure of cooking?

The story of CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® began in Houston in 1998, when my wife Marie and I decided to start what would be the adventure of our Life. We designed CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® to welcome beginners of every age and background, as well as professionals of all levels, looking to enhance their skills and resumes. Through hands-on, low student/teacher ratio courses, our ‘chef-students’ would learn a maximum number of recipes and “tours de main” (feats of skill) in a minimum amount of time.

Since 1998, our faculty and staff have worked continuously to evolve the curriculum and expand the facilities. We now have 2 buildings, including our restaurant, Le Bistro, where professional culinary arts students gain real-world experience.



Allensby Street,7070
77022 Houston, Texas, USA

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