Elyon College affirms the belief that every human being has the potential to reach enormous heights. Dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled when personal commitment is combined with dedicated support from family, friends, and mentors.

Elyon College is committed to enabling personal hopes and career-related goals to be achieved in an atmosphere of trust and support. The core success of the students’ college experience is determined by its faculty; as such, we encourage our faculty to become part and parcel of the total Elyon community in helping to achieve students’ goals and objectives.

Elyon College firmly believes that every individual was created by G-d to contribute to this world in a meaningful fashion through the maximum utilization of his/her particular abilities and talents. Therefore, our college has been designed to foster within each student a sense of self-esteem and a desire to make a positive change in society at large. We challenge our students to achieve their utmost and inculcate them with the knowledge and skills that fully actualize their potential, developing their respect for productivity and love for lifelong learning.

At our college, we believe that, in order to achieve utmost self-actualization and self-sufficiency, an individual must have the training that will lead to meaningful and constructive employment. We teach students the skills necessary to utilize their talents and become gainfully employed and successful in their ongoing educational endeavors, higher education or academic pursuits. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social responsibility and become active participants in our global community, thereby making a positive difference in society.

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The mission of Elyon College is two-fold: to prepare individuals for employment as Jewish community workers, educators, and leaders, as well as to prepare individuals for careers in the field of business. This is accomplished in an atmosphere that promotes self-development and a commitment to contributing selflessly to others. Consistent with its stated mission, Elyon College supports the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide educational opportunities through a concentrated and structured program of study that prepares students for education-related careers and community leadership.
  • To provide educational opportunities that enable students to acquire the requisite skills that will allow them to gain employment in the fields of accounting and business technology.
  • To maintain the programs that are directly related to the mission of the college, since they will prepare students for gainful employment, further their education, and achieve their career goals. In a supportive and caring learning environment, Elyon College students will learn to be proud of their capabilities, responsible citizens, and ready, willing and able to become meaningful contributors to their communities.
  • To encourage caring, commitment, service, professionalism, and ethical practices.
  • To develop and offer curricula that provide an integral sequence of courses leading to the acquisition of coherent, reliable, and current knowledge.
  • To incorporate learning experiences that foster the ability to think critically, to work cooperatively, and utilize effective communication skills.
  • To maintain on-going contact with the community through organizations and agencies.
  • To monitor programs on a continuous basis to assess their outcomes.
  • To provide the foundations that will enable Elyon College graduates to pursue an education at four-year institutions and instill a strong commitment to lifelong learning.
  • To offer students close personal attention and advisement to ensure individual success.
  • To provide graduates with assistance with job placement, and opportunities for continued education.
  • To provide appropriate student services, including financial aid, academic advising, career placement, and other relevant support.
  • To foster the development of a highly qualified faculty that has a strong educational background and significant practical experience.
  • To support the academic achievement of all students.
  • To facilitate academic programs with appropriate facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and timely access to learning resources.
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Programs taught in:

This school also offers:

Advanced Diploma

Elyon College

The certificate program in Accounting and Business Technology is designed to enable graduates to be successful in a variety of business settings where accounting and tech ... [+]

The certificate program in Accounting and Business Technology is designed to enable graduates to be successful in a variety of business settings where accounting and technology skills are essential.

Students are introduced to computers and learn office business practices and procedures. Students also gain knowledge and skills in communication. Certificate recipients will develop computer skills and acquire a general knowledge of accounting principles and business practices in order to make them effective in their chosen careers.

Course Descriptions

BUS 101 Introduction to Business

Prerequisite: None

The organization and practices of business and industry are studied and analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the historical development, objectives, methods of operation, and the interrelationships of management, labor, and government. New developments and trends are used as case studies in how change affects the total business environment.... [-]

USA Brooklyn
September 2019
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Associate Degree

Elyon College

The degree program in Accounting and Business Technology provides basic accounting and business office skills, using major word processing, spreadsheets, and database pac ... [+]

The degree program in Accounting and Business Technology provides basic accounting and business office skills, using major word processing, spreadsheets, and database packages. Students will be introduced to computer technology and will learn both office business practices and procedures.

Students will also gain knowledge and skills in business communication. The graduates will also benefit from an understanding of the role of computers and their functions in the world of accounting, business and commerce.

Course Descriptions

ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I

Prerequisite: None

This course covers the fundamental principles and practices of accounting. Topics covered are the uses of accounting information and financial statements to measure business transactions, to measure business income, and to complete the accounting cycle. A comparison is developed between the computer and manual systems for preparing and controlling supporting documents, procedures, and journals. Procedures for measuring and reporting for liquid assets, inventories, long-term assets, and liabilities are presented.... [-]

USA Brooklyn
September 2019
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