Schoolcraft College


The individuals enrich every college experience you encounter along the way. Our focus is to create an environment of innovation and education that focuses on excellence in our students, faculty, and staff, while ours is an open enrollment environment. You’ll find more than 36,000 students enrolled in both credit courses and Continuing Education and Professional Development courses throughout our campus. The Board of Trustees, administration, full-time and adjunct faculty and staff are all focused on providing an excellent educational experience for everyone.

Schoolcraft College offers classes, certificate programs, and associate degrees in more than 130+ different academic programs. Some programs are designed to lead directly to employment, and others are a natural fit for those students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university. Flexibility in class scheduling is important to our students, who are often trying to fit a college education around busy work and family schedules. That is why we offer day and evening classes, and 15-week, 12-week, and seven-week courses.



Haggerty Road,18600
48152 Livonia, Michigan, USA

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