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Bexhill College is a dedicated Sixth Form College with a long history of excellent post-16 education. There are 93 Sixth Form Colleges in England. All of them focus on providing top-quality education to students between 16 and 19 years old. They are specialist colleges and are therefore able to offer an outstanding range of courses and services aimed specifically at this age group. Colleges have developed in different ways, but they all share a reputation for good results, healthy relationships between staff and students and excellent support services. If you decide to study with us, you will have the opportunity to access high-quality post-16 education in your local community.

Bexhill College is a good bridge between school and work or higher education. It is very different from school, but you will get lots of support and are not left on your own. You won't be timetabled every hour of the college day and will need to develop independent study skills to be able to use your time wisely. The College has a range of specialist resources to help you to do this.


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