Western Oklahoma State College


Western Oklahoma State College's (WOSC) mission is to provide high-quality education, support student success, and empower individuals to become productive members of local, regional, and global communities. Following our mission, Western's educational programs and services are designed to help people achieve their individual potential, enrich their lives, and become responsible and productive members of society.

Western Oklahoma State College exists for students. With its board, administration, faculty, and staff, the college is committed to student success, strengthening the community, technology development, and internal and external cooperation. It affirms equal access to all aspects of the institution for the diverse population. It serves and approaches all endeavors with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism - a commitment to excellence.

At the heart of every college program, the study is the general education core curriculum, the fundamental element that gives some commonality to the educational experience. Western remains deeply committed to requiring an extensive core curriculum, a comprehensive and diversified approach to education, which lays the foundation for students to grow personally, professionally, and socially and to seek opportunities to be lifelong learners.


  • North Main Street,2801, 73521, Altus